Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last but not least...

Ok it may be slightly obvious by the lack of updates that as fashion week continued, I got a little carried away which unfortunately meant the posts diminished! My apologies fashion fiends, but let me tell you it was all for good reason. So to make it up to you, I have two more treats up my sleeve... my fav from the sassy young Michelle Yvette; as well as scenester's dream ensemble from NZ's street front-runner Huffer.

Michelle Yvette NZFW 2010
A to-die-for orange coat is the sort of thing every style-conscious girl needs in her wardrobe.
I must say also, that the delish white chocolate and raspberry Kapiti ice creams were a tasteful way to kick off the very glam affair. It was quite a giggle to see the front row ripping into the floral wrappers to get to their dessert before the show had even started!

Huffer NZFW 2010
They warned people to rug up for the outdoor show, but thankfully the same gods that have smiled down on Huffer throughout their trail blazing fashion-life, made an appearance to hold off the rain for the 1000 strong, celebrity dappled audience.
My fav... this little frock with a cute bow adornment styled with a straight up pair of over-the-knee socks. (These seem to be the take-home concept of the week really! They'll obviously be around for at least another season or two)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day two of NZFW...

Another day of glorious garment parades has left me with a well known syndrome I've aptly named The Wanting... it's a serious condition that develops through exposure to too many nice things, the body and mind simply "Want" for these items, the imagination starts to dream about them. It almosts feels as if life can't continue without them. The treatment: buying them. (Or living in a cave in Siberia?)
The Wanting began for me yesterday with the Ruby show at the uber-sleek Lily and Louis showroom where my mousey tush sat on a snug sheepskin covered seat. But the syndrome reached an uncontrollable high at Adrian Hailwood's show...
A spotty number from Adrian Hailwood's Going Platinum show.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My fav from day one...

It's always tricky to identify a favourite for the day, especially when the crop is so ripe for the picking. However, as I am always partial to Juliette Hogan's overtly feminine aesthetic, it will come as no surprise to you that my choice was a sexy wee number from her new collection.
Word on the street is that everyone was very impressed with the good-girl-gone-bad twist to her sacarine-sweet style and that the ladylike get-up is just the trick for the coming seasons.

Naughty but nice? Juliette Hogan NZFW 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And so it begins...

Well it all kicked off last night with the launch soiree for the country's 10th NZ Fashion Week and this year the coveted event is flying solo without a naming right sponsor. I kinda like it, it makes it seem orginal and impartial - and it's certainly easier to say! But thankfully, Air New Zealand still came to the party to bestow the Designer Export Award upon the very worthy lads at Huffer. Well done team.

But as any seasoned fashion weeker knows, the launch night is not for letting your hair down. There's a big week ahead and a lot of heel tottering to be done. So it was just a brief appearance made by this little mouse, but it was still a great opportunity to break out my new Mulberry get-up I picked up after last week's show. Let the games begin!

A bright blue Mulberry frock matched with a cropped jacket adorned with bows (from their SS11 NY show) was the perfect way to start the sweek of style feasting.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The mandatory add-ons...

After returning from my trip to NYC, I've noticed there seems to be a slight lacking of accessories in my wardrobe of late. I've been so busy filling the racks with an exceptional array of fabric and colour that I have unintentionally broken my own rule.... always include accessories; they are your style statements. A good little add-on can be the key to defining your look and putting your own twist on your ensemble. So so don't treat them as an after-thought (or something just to carry your stuff in!)
This realisation was almost a code-red in my world, so I quickly whipped my mousey little self out into the world to pick up some new treats. Gotsa to be true to your own rules!

A new bag is as good as a holiday! I've had a few Saben bags in my time and this school-boy styled satchel is a great addition to the family. 
Saben, Blake in Cognac.

Inside every good bags lives a beautiful purse. And Deadly Ponies certainly do create some of the loveliest ones I've come across.

Over-sized, intriguing cocktail rings are the way to go these days. The more the merrier too. I find it's also nice to combine a few coloured stones with some unusually shaped 70's style pieces too. Although, do remember - there's a time and a place for breaking out the jewels.
I picked up this Meadowlark work of genius from one of my favourite haunts Little Black Crown in St Kevin's Arcade on K'rd. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mulberry wrap party in NYC

Alexa, Kelly, Jade and the girls at the Mulberry do at Soho House in NYC.

September is proving to be one of the most exciting months of 2010, with this week being a particular highlight! I was thrown into a bit of a whirlwind as I ended up taking an impromptu trip to NYC to catch up with some friends at the Mulberry New York Fashion Week wrap party.

It was an amazing night that was essentially an ode to their Spring Summer 2011 collection with the entire rooftop of the Soho House being transformed into an enchanting garden; over-sized pink roses splayed out amongst the guests, while giant lily pads floated in the swimming pool. I could have lived there!

The food was divine – it always is in NYC! Mini burgers followed by chocolate and Guinness cupcakes and an ample supply of Mulberry Bellinis.

But the best bit was reuniting with some of my best friends – you can just imagine the air-kisses upon arrival. Alexa, Jade and Kelly were all there and we seriously partied the night away to an epic performance by Florence and the Machine.

Anyway, better fly – literally, I’m off to the airport to wing my way home for the start of our own homegrown fashion bonanza.

Oh and I wore... my new Paul and Joe dress I bought in a mad rush as soon as I arrived! Casual cool I thought.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sass and Bide Tomorrow the Great

I had such a busy weekend snapping a few photos here and there as well as getting messy with a bit of arts and crafts, but in keeping with my usual Saturday/Sunday behaviour, I did manage to fit in a quick spot of shopping. My first destination was the beautifully fitted out, debut international flagship store of Sass and Bide. Nestled away in the old Witchery location on Ponsonby Rd, this fashion haven finally brings Kiwi girls the chance to get their mits on the whole, glorious Sass and Bide shibang. Dangerous? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely!
I chose the Path to Freedom dress from the Tomorow the Great collection.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And thus completes the week...

I'm loving the look of ankle boots with short dresses at the moment, it just seems to scream '90's inspired, cool Kiwi style...
And this Sylvester outfit is a perfect example of this - it's also a great number to wrap up a fabulous wardrobe week during NZ's most fashionable month.
 It's been glorious pulling out a few Spring numbers to celebrate the change of season, but alas the warm weather appears to be a while away still. Tights again next week I suspect...
Sylvester Spring/ Summer 10/11

Monday, September 6, 2010


Rockin' into the week with this little Cybele number - these tights are amazing and surprisingly flattering I found.
Picked up from Cybele's New Clear Woman collection.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lazy Sunday with twentysevennames

After a few champagne mojitos last night, this twentysevennames jumper was just what I needed to ease me into the perfect lazy Sunday.
From twentysevennames twelve: summer 2010/2011

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sera Lilly

A night on the rantan deserves a smokin' Sera Lilly frock I say.
I picked this little number up from Sera Lilly's collection L'eclisse.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Helen Cherry for Friday night

Will be heading out for a leisurely glass of wine this eve, so thought my lovely Helen Cherry frock would go perfectly with a crisp glass of rose.
Lauren dress, Helen Cherry Summer 10-11

Thursday, September 2, 2010


So the blue sky didn't last unfortunately, lucky this kickin' Salasai ensemble was totally set off by the shoes and socks. Salasai Fluorscent Adolescence SS11

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What better way to kick off my debut wardrobe doco than with a cheeky new-season celebration!

Yes folks, Spring has sprung and although it's still a little crispy outside, the sun is definitely shining, the sky is blue and my mousey little nose can smell something in the air... I believe it's hope!
Hope that we may once again bare our arms and legs and promenade in floaty dresses. And although I'm aware how fantastic winter tights and platform ankle boots are, it's time to put them aside and indulge in the new collections.
Which is exactly what I've done. So on the first day of spring I wore... a lovely wee treat from a NZ designer I adore - this little ensemble came straight from Juliette Hogan's Textbook Beautiful collection. (yes I admit my legs were cold!)

Check back in soon for a week of NZ spring style.

Spring it on!

Loving this blazer - especially as it's still a little nippy out! Juliette Hogan - Textbook Beautiful Summer 2010-11.