Sunday, June 12, 2011

For pleat's sake!

Is everyone as happy about the presence of the pleated skirt as I am? It's a classic number that ducks in and out of fashion, and right now it's very much in. Thin, lady-like pleats that is anyway. None of that Britney-esque box-pleating scandal. Just simple, elongating lines. The best thing about these sort of skirts is that they can often be sourced from many a good op-shop too. Don't hem them though, be sure to keep the classic length and complete the look with some towering loafer-heels.
My op-shop of the moment is The Bread and Butter Letter, a lovely wee cubby-hole tucked away on New North Road in Eden Terrace. It's worth a visit as the owner has done all the curatorial work for you but kindly kept the prices so they're still an opportunity.

Karen Walker pleated skirt and shirt from Perfect Day 2011