Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stolen Girlfriends Club supermarket flash mob

An everyday Thursday morning was transformed into a unique experience thanks to a Stolen Girlfriends Club and Red Bull collaboration held at the College Hill New World last week...
Guests were told to meet at the bottom of the car park stairs at 11:30 sharp to view the Spring 2011 range titled "Untitled" in a rather intriguing manner. As the fashion folk filtered through the aisles, legitimate shoppers continued to load their trolleys whilst feigning a nonchalant lack of interest. Then as White Lies started to pump on the sound system and deadpan models strutted up and down the aisles, past fruit and veg and right through to the deli, people couldn't help but delight in the quirk-factor. The best bit, aside from the gorgeous garments of course, was watching a few determined shoppers endeavouring to reach between a washed-out denim vest and a flowing flame-coloured gown to grab their eggs!
I can't wait til next Spring to wear this little number - I may even do the grocery shopping in it!

Stolen Girlfriends Club Spring 2011 Untitled

Monday, March 7, 2011

A.M. and Poppy hit Clooney!

My darling friend Poppy Fox has been home for several weeks (wedding season) and it has just been lovely! So many occasions to dress up for - we even managed to fit in a delicious 8 course meal at Auckland's Clooney Restaurant (get the full low down on www.theadventuresofpoppyfox.blogspot.com).
I just loved this shot of us taken as we left the restaurant, pleasantly full and just a little bit tipsy...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What I wore to weddings...

Despite suspicions that I had dropped off the fashion planet evident through lack of posting, I am in fact alive and kicking. Kicking it to weddings left, right and centre that is. Joyful activities with treasured loved ones that have kept me rather busy hence my lack of contact. I apologise if I have caused you concern, but please be assured that I have made the most of each occasion by wearing a little treat every time.
Two of my favs are documented below.... Outfit one, a purple haze by the iconic Oscar de la Renta was debuted at Mr and Mrs Summer's nuptials. While the Romanesque Kit Willow golden glow came out for Mr and Mrs Bond.

Oscar de la Renta Summer 2010


Willlow Spring/Summer 2010