Monday, April 4, 2011

Who wears the pants?

Judging by the looks of this Autumn it certainly seems I will be wearing the pants! Trousers, as they are formally known, are really making themselves at home in my wardrobe of late and I have to say I am welcoming their presence. I used to find the old pair of pants.. well "pants!" really, to adopt a common Brit-type derogatory term. But these days I think a pair of well cut trousers can do wonders for many a lass. Nicely fitting trousers can be so much more flattering on the female formed compared to a pair of jeans and it's easy to see that the high-waisted variety does wonders for the length of your legs!
The icing on the cake for me though is how wonderfully they accompany a pair of insanely high, uber-sexy stacked heels or wedges.

Dominique trousers from Kate Sylvester's Lost and Found Autumn Winter 2011

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