Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I'd wear to a Royal wedding!

Romance and royalty have never really gone hand and hand (illicit affairs excluded of course) until now...and it's all thanks to the absolutely gorgeous Kate and the previously-attractive Prince William. This delightful couple have brought hope to the world that watch them by simply choosing each other and being allowed to do so. Throwing the wedding of the century is no easy task though and not the least of all is selecting an outfit. Kate's dress is of course the epicentre of attire and will be the star attraction, but guests' ensembles will be paramount too. Not too much flesh, preferably a headpiece of some sort, a demure cover-up that can be removed post Westminster Abbey and the whole thing must be at an approproate length...
I'd opt for this Armani Prive metallic number as it ticks all the boxes but the futuristic shimmmer and UFO-style hat and leggings add a little something-something that just makes me smile. I'd also arrive via spaceship.

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